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Big Summer Party on June 30, 2017

Wolfgang Donsbach Perspectives

On Thursday, May 26 at 18:30 Dresden International School opens its doors for the first event of the WOLFGANG DONSBACH PERSPECTIVES. We kick-off this new speaker series with a speech titled “Weltoffen – weil’s vernünftig ist” by Mr Werner D’Inka, journalist and co-editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung.

The speaker series is supported by the Prof.-Dr.-Wolfgang-Donsbach-Fund. The fund has been established to promote continual pursuit towards tolerance, internationalism, and intercultural understanding by the deceased funding member and board chairman of Dresden International School, Prof. Donsbach.

It is possible to register via until may 19th.

Faculty congress during the summer semester 2016

During the semester, every Tuesday from 6:15 pm to 7:45 pm the faculty congress takes place in the faculty’s festival room. (Festsaal der Fakultät, Hülsse-Bau, North wing, 3rd floor). At this event members of the faculty and also national as well as international scientists talk about their current research topics.

The complete program can be found at:

The faculty congress is supported by the nexus e.V. association:

WiWi-Talents during summer semester 2016

For the 23th time the “WiWi-Talents” program takes place during this summer semester.

Amongst all the candidates, there are going to be chosen 20 students, who are going be registered with their curriculum vitae and a personal advice from your professor in the “talents book”. This document will be given to the human resources managers of more than 500 well-known companies in the German-speaking area.

Applications are taken into account until May 15th 2015 and participation is for free.

Please find more information on:

Mentoring program for students of all academic disciplines

This is where you’re going to find personal support for a successful start into your professional career. You can exchange information with your personal professional or academic mentor and you can find out, what your experience after your studies will look alike.

All you need is

– being a student at the TU Dresden and missing just 2 up to 4 semesters until your final degree and graduating

– being a dedicated person who wants to do something for his/her career.

Then you can apply until May 15th 2016 on this website:

Quantitative methods courses during the summer semester

During the summer semester there are also offered courses which can be credited for the module “Quantitative Verfahren”. In fact, the academic curriculum envisages that this module should be completed during the third semester of study, yet it is just a legal recommendation.

There is no problem about finishing the quantitative methods module during the fourth semester. You should keep this in mind when you are making up your long-term schedule for the upcoming semesters and when you’re planning ahead your semester workload.

One example for such a lecture during the summer semester is the course “mathematical planning processes” hold by Prof. Dr. Lasch. It takes place every Thursday during the 2nd period in the location HSZ/03/H. Especially for students who want to specialize into “Logistik und Produktion” this course serves quite well.

Further information can be found at the chair’s homepage:

Supplementary technical and mathematical tutorial

The chair of logistics offers supplementary tutorials for industrial engineers. These tutorials shall help to understand and to manage mathematics and technical subjects, like mechanics and electrical engineering. Participation is optional, there will be no test in the end and no credits will be granted.
The tutorials take place once a week from April 11th though May 31st.

Class periods:
Monday, 6th period, HSZ 304
Tuesday, 1st period, WÜR 007
Tuesday, 6th period, WÜR 007

Inscription via OPAL: Supplementary technical and mathematical tutorial

Foreign exchange scholarship – Professor-Endriss-Prize

Dear Students,

Do you plan a stay abroad, you have chosen your host institution and you got already accepted? Now you’re just missing some funds for the first months abroad? That is exactly where the Professor-Endriss-Prize may help you!

In the attached text (German) you will find a short overview, what the Professor-Endriss-Prize is all about.

It is also where you find further information about the application procedure.


The deadline is on April 10th, 2016.

We wish you good luck,
yours FSR WiWi